• Description Heavy Duty Feed Thru Panels can be configured as stand-alone feeders or as part of a fence line. The balanced design and extra heavy construction stands up well to the heavy pressure. The panels connect with the same pin and clip system as the Heavy Duty Panel line.
  • Description The Fence Feeder reduces feed waste, is easily installed, is durable, efficient and above all, safe. The feeder has a lid to protect the feed from the elements, while the feed grill keeps the hay in place. The feeder is easily accessed from outside the corral for safety. The Fence Feeder will install on virtually any fencing system.  
  • Description HiQual’s patented Ground Feeder is a safe, cost effective and natural feeding alternative for feeding small square bales. The bell shaped design eliminates “spooning” and reduces waste. The rotational molded virgin poly material is highly durable and animal safe.
  • Description The heaviest ground feeder available on the market today. Color: Orange https://youtu.be/fYQ0HTzfkOw
  • Description The HiQual Silage Bunk has the same rugged construction as the HiQual Grain Bunk but the capacity is increased from 18 cubic feet to 32 cubic feet.  
  • Description HiQual's all steel bunks use corrugated side panels to dramatically increase strength and longevity. With many round bottom bunks, smaller calves climb inside and are unable to get out. HiQual's v-bottom is easy to clean and allows the calf to stand up and get out. Drain holes at each end and skid legs are also standard features.
  • Description Feeding livestock in a safe, cost effective and natural alternative for feeding small square bales, medium square bales or round bales. This feeder is made from recycled materials with UV resistant resin. Specifically designed for horse safety with overlapping joints & countersunk fasteners.
  • Description The Stall Grazer 3 in 1 corner horse feeder features a large center cavity for hay and two smaller side cavities for grain and salt. The Stall Grazer is an ultra-durable feeder designed to sit at ground level and allow your horses to eat comfortably in their natural grazing position.
  • Description HiQual's Bull Feeder incorporates the Tombstone Saver design with wider spacing between the hoops to accommodate the larger necks of mature bulls. It is also an ideal feeder for draft horses.
  • Description Patented by HiQual in 1992 the Tombstone Saver represents a revolution in feeder engineering. The innovative, sloped-in tombstone design dramatically reduces feed waste, greatly extends the lifespan of the feeder and works equally well for cattle or horses. In a recent study by the University of Minnesota, the HiQual Tombstone Saver had the  least amount of hay-wasted of all circular shaped feeders with a payback of only 4 months! You can’t afford to not have a HiQual Tombstone feeder!


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