Automatic Livestock Waterers


Automatic livestock waterers for stall & pasture.
Nelson Automatic Waterers provide a constant supply of fresh clean water, 365 days of the year.
Removable drinking bowl can easily be cleaned and disinfected. Optional heater provides ice-free water in the coldest conditions.

Nelson Automatic Waterer Model PDF Download


Mounting Options

Wall Mounted 700 Series

Free Standing 700 Series

730-10W & 760-10W
Utility holes in back allow two units mounted in adjacent stalls to share one waterline, reducing cost.
730-10 & 760-10
Shorter round models are designed to install in standard-sized 12 and 15 inch concrete sewer pipe for an indestructible installation.
730-10C & 760-10C
Mount in stall corner for maximum protection and efficient use of stall space.
730-10 & 760-10
Ten inch tall models mount on concrete pads for shorter animals. Model 760 has a bigger drinking bowl, allowing it to hold more water and can accommodate more horses.
730-10W & 760-10W
Mount on outside wall and bring waterline from heated room through wall and into back of waterer. Installation allows for waterline to be protected from freezing.
730-24 & 760-24
Large 16′ bowl serves more horses and is well suited for fence line installations and stall partitions.


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